Services/The Shop

Consult Design Review Fabrication Paint Assembly/Wiring Upholstery Final Detail

Consult – Before the first spark of a welder, customers meet with Eric, tour the facility and discuss visions for the project. Pictures, magazines, books or even a drawing on a napkin is enough to get started. Once we understand the style of car you want, one of our professional artists will put your ideas on paper.

Design/Review – Renderings start out as pretty simple sketches and after several revisions and a final concept is reached, a full color rendering will be created. These renderings will keep everyone on the same page and used as a guide while building the car, they also make great artwork to hang on an office or home wall.

Fabrication – This is what Pinkee’s is known for – cutting, chopping, grinding steel. We love metal and have all of the equipment and tools to make it beautiful and functional. If you live out of our area, we will keep you updated through pictures and phone calls. Of course, personal visits are always welcome. We have some customers that stop by once a week and others that only see the car in pictures until it is finished.

Paint – An in-house paint shop means we keep your car on schedule and under control.

Assembly/Chassis – Wiring, final assembly and chassis work are all completed in-house.

Upholstery – Depending on your  style and preference, we use a variety of upholstery shops.

Final Detail – After upholstery the car comes back to Pinkee’s for final assembly and detailing. Every nut and bolt is checked and double-checked to ensure that it’s as perfect as can be. Once the car is road tested and certified as another Pinkee’s creation, it’s off to the show!

The Shop

Thanks for joining us on the tour around Pinkee’s Rod Shop. You will see here how your dream car will be taken care of as your project progresses through the shop. Drop on in anytime to take a tour in person and see first hand how we pride ourselves in cleanliness, organization and quality.

Showroom – Walk in to the Pinkee’s Rod Shop showroom and you’ll be greeted by a 1950’s Seeburg jukebox filled with classic tunes, classic gas station signs and lots of other cool bits of automobilia. There’s always a rotating display of cars through the showroom, you never know what you’ll see as you walk through the front door!

Viewing Room – When a customer commissions Pinkee’s to build a car, this is the where ideas, thoughts, cool tricks, renderings and general creativity come together. Comfortable chairs, couches and a vintage soda machine all help to get the thought process flowing. Time spent in the Viewing Room is invaluable in building a one-of-a-kind creation.

Light Fab Shop – Mechanical work, chassis work, light fabrication, blasting, grinding and polishing take place in the light fab shop area. This shop also serves as the first stop for a car that is about to undergo a Pinkee’s makeover. Some of the equipment in this area includes a hydraulic shear, brake, mill, lathe, bead blaster and polisher.

Heavy Fab Shop – This is where the hardcore cutting, chopping and grinding take place. Tops are chopped, floors are made, doors are gapped and fitted, engines are set and transmission tunnels are cut. Some of our heavy metal working equipment includes a Pullmax metal former, power hammer, shear, shrinker/stretcher, disc grinder, bandsaw and a louver press.

Assembly Room – After all the hard work is done and the car returns from the paint shop, it’s unloaded into the assembly room to steer clear of metal shavings and grinding dust which could harm fresh, shiny paint. The assembly room is equipped with a toolbox filled with wiring supplies, shelves filled with shiny chrome and polished parts and a large supply of chrome nuts, bolts, and washers to secure everything on the car.