About Us

After graduating from
college and working at General Motors for six years, Eric Peratt
realized his true passion was building cars, not being behind a desk at a
car company. With the completion and sale of a 1933 Chevy Woody Eric
built in a three-car garage, Pinkee’s Rod Shop was on its way.

“Selling the ‘33 Chevy
allowed me to buy some essential equipment and relocate to Colorado
which is where I wanted my family and hot rod shop to be”, says Eric.
Once in Colorado, Eric built an 1800 sq. ft. shop at his home and
completed the 1998 Detroit Autorama Ridler Award winner – the 1933 Ford
roadster “Comet”. In 1998, Pinkee’s incorporated and became official.
Since then, Eric moved Pinkee’s to a scenic area in northern Colorado
with views of the Rocky Mountains to the west and the Eastern Plains.
The recent shop expansion now covers 10,000 sq ft of floor space.

The same determination,
persistence, teamwork, quality employees and perfection that Eric, his
wife Cristin, and all the crew have put into building Pinkee’s Rod Shop
goes into every car, whether it’s just getting a tune-up or building a
dream car from the ground up.

Thanks for dropping in. We hope to see you soon!

And if you want to know where the name Pinkee’s came from – you’ll have to ask!