Ever wondered what a 1933 Chevy would look like as a woody? A ‘51 Ford Wagon not as a woody? Whatever your imagination can dream, Pinkee’s can build. Eric and his exceptionally talented guild of craftsmen possess an ability for building high-tech cars with a traditional vision.

Whatever your vision, Pinkee’s can build the car of your dreams.

Pinkee’s Rod Shop is a full service shop that specializes in chassis-up builds, but also performs repairs, minor modifications or updates to your vintage car. Wiring, suspension, plumbing, A/C or anything else your car needs to make it safer and/or more enjoyable.

Building an award-winning car or just adding A/C for those summertime cruises, every car goes through a complete and very personal process that ensures the finished project is exactly what you envisioned.

Consult  Design Review Order Parts Fabrication Paint Assembly/Wiring Upholstery Final Detail


Before the first spark of a welder, customers meet with Eric, tour the facility and discuss visions for the project. Pictures, magazines, books or even a drawing on a napkin is enough to get started. Once we understand the style of car you want, one of our professional artists will put your ideas on paper.


Renderings start out as pretty simple sketches and after several revisions and a final concept is reached, a full color rendering will be created. These renderings will keep everyone on the same page and used as a guide while building the car, they also make great artwork to hang on an office or home wall. A few of the artists we use are Jimmy Smith of Jimmy Smith Hot Rod Designs in Arizona and Rodney Hutcherson of Total Kaos Design in Houston, TX

Click here to see some of the art that has been created for concept and customer cars.

Order Parts

Pinkee’s will take care of ordering any and all parts for your car based on the specifications. We have a number of high quality suppliers, including:

  • Art Morrison
  • Vintage Air
  • Detroit Speed and Engineering
  • Classic Auto Parts
  • Momar Injection
  • Colorado Custom Wheels
  • Stockton Wheels
  • Dutchman Axles
  • Cornhusker Rod and Custom
  • Denver Specialty Center
  • Bob Drake
  • Classic Instruments


This is what Pinkee’s is known for – cutting, chopping, grinding steel. We love metal and have all of the equipment and tools to make it beautiful and functional. If you live out of our area, we will keep you updated through pictures and phone calls. Of course, personal visits are always welcome. We have some customers that stop by once a week and others that only see the car in pictures until it is finished.


At Pinkee’s, we leave the paintwork to those who are true artists with a spray gun. We can make the arrangements with many of the painters that we work with or if you have a paint shop you have worked with in the past, we can use them too. Some of our favorite painters are: Ron Jones Garage in Loveland, CO, Squeegs in Scottsdale, AZ, Soncy Road Body Shop in Amarillo, TX, Custom Design in Ft. Collins, CO, and Nice Rides Restoration in LaSalle, CO.


After paint, the car comes back to Pinkee’s for wiring, final chassis work and assembly before going off for upholstery.


Again, we use a variety of upholstery shops. It depends on style or the interior or the customer’s preference. Some upholstery shops that we use include; PJ’s in Denver, CO, and Dougs Auto Upholstery in Iowa..

Final Detail

After upholstery the car comes back to Pinkee’s for final assembly and detailing. Every nut and bolt is checked and double-checked to ensure that it’s as perfect as can be. Once the car is road tested and certified as another Pinkee’s creation, it’s off to the show!