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Frame Rails

We have recently moved all our frame rail production in-house allowing us to lower our prices and increase our quality control. Beginning with the highest quality cold-rolled steel, we cut and hand form the side rail details and flare punch X-members (if ordered), as well as the boxing plates and fully fixture weld them to end up with straight and twist free rails that are a solid foundation to any car build.

Completed rails and frames are finish ground and shipped in bare metal with a rust-preventative coating that is easy to remove.

  • 1932/32 Ford perimeter frame with rear frame horns to accept the OE fuel tank – $4500
  • Ford Model A/1932 perimeter frame with X-member – $4000
  • Set of sectioned and boxed rails with front and rear crossmembers jig welded; No X-member – $3500
  • Sectioned and boxed rails only; No crossmembers or X-member – $2500
  • Sectioned, unboxed rails – $1500
  • Available with either a Spring Over or Spring Under (Flat) front crossmembers