I normally don't post family stuff on social media but in case you wondered why I'm not at very many car events it's because I'm traveling around with my son @hunter.peratt chasing his dream to take hockey to the next level  GNRS 2017 Pinkee's booth. Come see us in building 4  Detailed clamps  Belly pans  Thomas machined a crazy two piece manifold for an S & S carburetor
 Final assembly begins  Pinkee's booth GNRS 2017  Pinkee's Rod Shop Christmas party @hearthrestaurantandpubwindsor we had a great year. Merry Christmas  I wonder how many people are machining custom beer tap handles on Thanksgiving  Couple of hot rod pickups in the showroom this week
 I accidentally bought some signs last week. Oops!!  Early corvette grill insert for our GNRS 2017 booth  I just couldn't bring myself to incorporating the ball milled bow tie in the new dash panel we machined for a car being built at Ron Jones Garage  Hitting the details  The Nova is starting to come together
 Moving back in after GNRS.  35 Ford Roadster details    Well boys and girls, we are about 30 days from officially opening Mash Lab Brewing located at Pinkee's Rod Shop in Windsor, Colorado  machining 35-36 Ford Roadster windshield posts today